Foundations Courses

Following the “Onward to Your Career!” course, participants receive training in one of the program’s two initial learning pathways, Customer Service Excellence or Information Technology. Each learning path contains an instructor-led component and a distance learning (online) component.

The instructor-led portion is a “Foundations” level course that provides an overview of the careers available in that industry, the core skills required for those careers, and other critical background information about what students can expect in a customer service or IT career. Each Foundations course contains four modules delivered on or near the installation over a two-day period. The modules for each Foundations course are listed below.

Customer Experience Foundations Course

  1. Introduction to Customer Service
  2. Customer Service Careers
  3. Customer Service in Action
  4. Core Skills and Wrap-up

Information Technology Foundations Course

  1. Introduction to Information Systems
  2. Information Technology Careers
  3. IT Certifications Overview
  4. Core Skills and Wrap-up

The Foundations courses were developed as part of a collaboration between IVMF, the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, and Accenture. Each course is competency-based, meaning the development team conducted a scan of publically available job descriptions within each industry and mapped the most sought-after skills and certifications to the learning objectives of each course, then validated these concepts with participating employers throughout the course development process.


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