Wayne Schutt onward to opportunity emplyer interview

Employer – Wayne Schutt

Wayne Schutt, an employer discusses the Onward to Opportunity program and how it helps veterans transitioning into the workforce. "They're driven people." Continue Reading Employer – Wayne Schutt

Lt. Col. Edward Hollis a fort drum graduate talks about the onward to opportunity program

Fort Drum Graduate – LTC Edward Hollis

"The thought of transition and entering the transition process was stressful on me," says Lt. Col. Edward Hollis. A Ford Drum Graduate of the Onward to Opportunity and The Veteran Career Transition Program (O2O-VCTP). Continue Reading Fort Drum Graduate РLTC Edward Hollis

Stephan murray onward to opportunity graduate interview

Fort Drum Graduate – Stephan Murray

We believe the best way to demonstrate the impact of the Onward to Opportunity is by letting our graduates explain it in their own words. Stephan Murray, a graduate from O2O-VCTP, explains why the program is so beneficial to all veterans. How it helps ease some of the burdens for veterans transitioning to civilian life and why, as he claims, it… Continue Reading Fort Drum Graduate – Stephan Murray


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