Start Your Journey

Onward to Opportunity (O2O) is a multi-phased process designed to help you select the best learning pathway, provide you tailored training specific to your professional and educational goals, and prepare you for the process of successfully securing employment with one of our numerous employer partners.

As a participant in the O2O program, you will be guided through the following steps of the program:

  1. Interest – Eligible program participant learns about the O2O program and submits an interest form to attend the program either in-person on a nearby installation (if available) or completely online. CLICK HERE
  2. Orientation and Assessment – Program participant completes online assessment and attends O2O orientation.
  3. Enrollment Services – A member of IVMF’s Enrollment Services team will review your assessment and register you for your desired career track in an upcoming cohort.
  4. Training – Program participant begins the training portion of the program in line with his/her goals and desired outcome.
  5. Job Preparation – While completing training, each O2O participant is assigned a Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) with Hire Heroes USA to receive specialized career services support.
  6. Industry Certification Exam Funding – Participant may receive funding for one industry certification for qualifying courses, providing the participant completes all of the program’s required steps needed in order to receive said funding.
  7. Interview Matching – Participant works with Hire Heroes USA Employment Coordinator to be matched for interviews with O2O’s employer partners.
  8. Graduation & Employment – Upon completion of all program requirements, you will have the opportunity to continue your connection with HHUSA for job seeking as well as networking with O2O alumni across the U.S.

Program Assessment

The assessment is not a test but helps to identify which option best suits your needs. The assessment is designed to gauge your interest, asking you to identify your professional experience, as well as your comfort level with skills and tasks related to our partners’ employment opportunities. After you complete your assessment, a member of IVMF Enrollment Services will review the assessment and help you identify which is best for you.


Interview Matching

The O2O program leverages two strategic partnerships as well as its on-base teams to support your career placement goals and fulfill O2O’s commitment to provide at least one interview to each participant upon successful completion of all phases of the program. Through a team-based approach, the IVMF and its partners ensure a robust coalition of employer partners seeking military talent, as well as regular cohorts of graduates who have received both training and career coaching which has been tailored to the needs of our hiring partners.

Installation Teams work to recruit employers both locally and regionally, expanding our network of employer partners and identifying areas of potential opportunity to meet the geographic needs of our participants. The IVMF surveys employers regarding their hiring needs and ensures the O2O curriculum matches their goals. Installation teams and IVMF advisors execute individual learning plans and closely monitor each participant’s training status, tracking when each individual is ready for resume and interview assistance or interview matching.

Hire Heroes USA provides intense, one-on-one coaching, resulting in a resume tailored toward O2O employer partners’ unique hiring processes and opportunities for mock interviews modeled after O2O employers’ hiring techniques. Finally, Hire Heroes USA matches O2O candidates with interview opportunities by continually monitoring the training status, qualifications, and transition timeline of program participants, matching the O2O labor supply with appropriate interview opportunities with participating employers.


Job Placement

O2O partners with leading veteran service organizations and private sector companies to identify employers committed to training and hiring veterans. These employer partners are engaged throughout each phase of O2O delivery by participating in the curriculum design, interacting with participants as they progress through the program and identifying specific career paths and interview opportunities within their company that align with the skillsets of O2O graduates.